Sketch and Release Friday…er Saturday…

sketch and release

So, Friday came and went and I didn’t get anything ready to post. I’ve barely sketched all week, so just posting these grubby little post-it sketches.. I blame the unbearable cuteness of my new kitten! The cuteonium levels are off the charts!  (Is there such a thing as cuteonium poisoning? I think I have it!)
And look, how can I draw when she’s sitting on my sketchbook…aw!
(Brain turning into large bowl of melting soft-serve ice cream…)

post-it sketches



2 thoughts on “Sketch and Release Friday…er Saturday…

  1. I think the description of why you haven’ted sketched is good enough to substitute for sketches. It is all about creativity, right? The word “cuteonium” deserves some acknowledgement. I LOVE that word!

    The post-it art collection seems worth for Sketch and Release. The kid running with the penguin seems to be something that could be cooking in the back of the mind.


  2. Thanks Gina! Yeah, the kid running with the penguin is the funniest one to me. I somehow laugh every time I look at it. Every. Single. Time. Heh! And thanks for the call-out for cuteonium. I’m working on an antidote, but so far nothing is working! So….cute….must…go…play with….kitten!


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